How To Heal Yourself Oracle

How To Heal Yourself Oracle

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Are you experiencing chronic illness, anxiety, depression, or another major life challenge? Do you often feel triggered or overwhelmed by your emotions? Whether dealing with pain, panic attacks, a relationship breakup, or a career block, life obstacles can leave us feeling stuck, unhappy, or even sick. How to Heal Yourself Oracle Deck offers a powerful tool to help us heal ourselves - no intuition or special skills necessary.

If you're struggling in any area of your life, Amy B. Scher's tried-and-true approach can help you to release stuck emotions and clear energetic blockages that are holding you back. This 50-card deck guides you through Amy's technique, allowing you to conduct powerful self-healing sessions in a matter of minutes. Here you'll discover:

  • Directions for the Thymus Test & Tap technique for identifying and releasing stuck emotions from your body
  • Instruction for how to install positive emotions for deep inner transformation
  • Guidance on performing focused and personalized clearing sessions
  • An abundant supply of sample questions to use with the deck, covering all areas of your life
  • A comprehensive list of emotions, offering insight into how each might be affecting you

Say goodbye to the frustration of navigating complicated techniques and start feeling better, faster. This simple and fun alternative allows you to quickly gain the essential information you need to address unresolved emotional energy and begin to heal at last.