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Thank You Notes

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A beautifully illustrated card set containing 60 heartfelt notes of thanks and appreciation. Each Thank You note will allow you to express heartfelt appreciation, to yourself and to others. Appreciation lifts us up, and is energizing. These notes can be shared with friends, co-workers, family and kind strangers. Each note can be personalized with a message on the back. 60 cards, 2 cards per design. Elegantly packaged in a square metal box. Makes a great gift. Use of these cards:

  • Pick a card at random each day for your dose of daily inspiration.
  • Tuck a soul note in a friend’s purse.
  • Send a Thank You note in a card or letter to someone.
  • Invite your guests to pick a card at a group gathering.
  • Use these cards at a trade show, workshop or classroom discussion.
  • Great tool for life coaches, teachers and inspirers.

Size: 3.25″ x 3.25″ Made in Canada