The Psilocybin Handbook For Women

The Psilocybin Handbook For Women

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If you're looking for mushroom mansplaining, you've come to the wrong book. The Psilocybin Handbook for Women is a resource for everyone, although it features information specific to those assigned female at birth - because psychedelics may have different effects and applications across the sexes.

This informative guidebook is packed full with everything you need to know about psilocybin, including its history, potential medicinal and recreational benefits, the latest evidence-based research, how to microdose and trip sit, and more. With The Psilocybin Handbook for Women, you'll also get the answers to some of your most pressing questions, like:

  • Does psilocybin affect women differently?
  • Does it matter where I am in my cycle when I use psilocybin?
  • Can psilocybin help with menstrual migraines, endometriosis, or premenstrual dysphoric disorder?
  • Will psilocybin boost my sex life?
  • Do hormones have an impact on the entourage effect?
  • What the heck is the entourage effect?
  • And more!

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned psychonaut, this research-backed guide will help you successfully navigate the world of magic mushrooms.