The Time Traveller’s Oracle

The Time Traveller’s Oracle

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Traditionally "time travel" is a journey into the past or future, from a spiritual perspective, it can also be lateral travel into a different locale at a different time. It's a sacred pilgrimage that allows you to see the world, the Universe, and yourself with new meaning and new perspectives.

From the earliest history of humankind, people turned to visionaries to gain insight into their lives, and these seers stepped through mystic gateways into other realms to bring back answers and give meaning to the seemingly random events of life. These seers were the earliest time travelers. It's no longer necessary to turn to a seer; you have the innate capacity to travel through divine entryways to obtain an understanding of the circumstances of your life.

Deepen your connection to the mysterious, natural forces around you, and find the long-sought answers to your most heartfelt questions, as you take an extraordinary voyage to different locales and time periods. Using the power of your consciousness/imagination - with oracle cards as guideposts along the way - you will be transported to powerful sites in the world.

These oracle cards can help you deepen your connection to the mysterious, natural forces around you, as well as to the far past of our planet and beyond... and provide profound inner wisdom. Whether they take you to an event in history or a general locale on the planet, each trip carries a personal message for you, such as creativity, growth, courage, patience, and more. The cards can be used to gain information about the future, help you make decisions, show you where you are presently, and help you discover your inner truth.